Foot Spa Massage

Do you ever get that feeling that you have been running around lately and feel tired no matter how much you sleep? We know exactly what you need, an ocean foot massage. Apart from being extremely pleasurable and relaxing, a 60- minutes foot massage is also therapeutic as the technique penetrates deeper than the skin and muscles.

Couple’s Massage

Reflexology stimulates a healing reaction in related organs and regions of the body by applying pressure to certain reflex spots on the foot. It relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation, which breaks up and dissolves crystal deposits created by too much uric acid in the body and eventually settles in the foot.

According to experts, foot massage can help with a variety of illnesses such as back pain, flat feet, migraine headaches, sleep disorders, sports injuries, digestive disorders, blood pressure arthritis, and stress concerns.

Not only this, but a 30-minute foot massage can also help clear any clogged energy channels by transferring blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses, eventually improving overall health and

A foot massage is highly effective if you suffer from milder kinds of migraine or even headaches. Several studies have shown that foot massages can help patients who suffer from regular headaches or even lesser kinds of migraine. However, be certain that your headache is not the result of any other major medical concerns.

At the Asian massage ocean spa, you can also enjoy other services like body massage, couples massage, and a relaxing massage table shower. Contact us today to book a session!