Chinese Table Shower Massage

If you wish to try something different yet relaxing, then a Chinese table shower massage is definitely going to leave you satisfied. The shower table spa is a massively popular massage technique in which the client is showered with water flowing from more than five showerheads connected to a water pipe.

Couple’s Massage
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How can you benefit from a Chinese table shower massage?

Soothing Experience

A Chinese massage practitioner will be able to discern whether strong or soothing methods to employ to assist you to discover inner peace, depending on whether you need to speed up (“Yang” energy) or calm down (“Yin” energy).

Mental Health

For people who are feeling down or stressed, therapeutic touch massage may be a very comforting and revitalizing therapy. On a physical level, muscle release can alleviate stress and improve sleep, but energy blockages can keep the emotional strain on the body, contributing to anxiety and sadness. If you and your partner are sensing tension or going through a rough phase, a couples’ massage could really do wonders.

Great way to detox

The water sprinkled on the shower table washes clogged skin pores and eliminates dirt, oil, blackheads, and other impurities. Scrubbing may also be used to eliminate dead skin cells and leave you feeling revitalized. You are surely going to fall in love with the massage table shower post your session and revisit this exhilarating experience.

If you are unable to spare time, you can book an appointment for an ocean foot spa massage that will help you relax!