Essential Oil Massage

Have you been getting anxious lately and feel like you have a lot of scattered thoughts that don’t fit, no matter how hard you try? If yes, then an essential oil massage at the Asian massage ocean spa is going to solve all your worries.

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How does the essential oil massage help?

Elevate your mental health

Massage treatment, when paired with essential oils, candles, and incense, promotes pleasant feelings and relaxation, providing you with effective coping strategies for a variety of health concerns. An essential oil massage is a popular multi-purpose method of supplementary health treatment. The skin absorbs essential oils, keeping it soft, and the aroma’s cerebral stimulation delivers the perfect massage experience.

Pay attention to the muscle knots

The majority of people suffer from muscle inflammation, knots, and tension. During the aromatherapy massage, we will massage you with essential oils. Massage strokes and pressure are used to help remove muscular knots and discomfort.

Boost your mood

It is no secret that a professional massage puts you in a good mood in no time. The essential oils have distinct aromas. The essential oils aid in cell alignment and the treatment of muscular issues. The nasal receptors provide a signal to the brain. The hypothalamus is then activated, causing the release of happy hormones to increase. These hormones brighten our mood and
restore our energy.

You can either enjoy the essential oil massage alone or you can also have your partner accompany you and enjoy a couples massage session and drive the stress away, together. You can also opt for the ocean foot spa and let us show you what an exhilarating experience looks like.